Thursday, April 23, 2009

Freestyle L2 Results!

Dear Vicki,

Thank you very much for your Freestyle Level 2 audition! The assessment team has viewed your audition and it was a pleasure. We appreciate the opportunity to be a part of your horsemanship journey!!

Let me be the first to congratulate you on achieving a Level 2+ Savvy Freestyle!!! This also completes your Level 2! You should receive your string and certificate within 4-8 weeks!!!

You have an awesome relationship! For using the mounting block, treat it as a squeeze game where your horse puts himself in position rather than you taking the block to him. Also, I'm not sure what type of hackamore you are riding in but if possible we would really like to see you in a Parelli one. Yours is a bit too big, and the knot ends up touching him in the neck rather than being a focal point.

Thanks again for your dedication to your horse and to the Parelli program. We look forward to viewing your future success. Have fun and keep it natural!

Julia Ryman
For the Parelli Audition Team 2009


Cilla said...

Well Done! Congratulations xxx

Connima said...

Hi Vicki - Fantastic news, congratulations. Must catch up soon. Hana

Amanda said...

CONGRATS!! what great news!!

Vicki said...

thanks guys - what do you think about the hackamore?

Connima said...

Remember i did not have my glasses on LOL! Don't understand Knots touching neck rather than being a focal point. Email them and ask to clarify. Did Russell say anything?