Monday, April 27, 2009

UDT Coco

I saw that Coco has a big stick caught up in his mane and his halter now looks a bit tight so I need to work towards taking it off.

I chopped up three carrots and put them in my treat bag and after Coco had finished dinner I went into his yard and sat down. He came over for a carrot. Each time I gave him a carrot I would make it a bit more challenging for him so I added one thing each time;
  • I moved my other hand rhythmically while he took the carrot
  • I clinked the snap open and closed in one hand while holding the carrot in the other
  • I put the carrot on the closed snap
  • I put the carrot on the part of the snap that joins the line so that when the snap was open he had to lean over the open part of the snap to get it
I between times I held out my hand and scratched his nose on the end.

In between carrots he would go over to his salt block, check his bucket, and then have some hay. He didn't get upset about anything. I stayed in there for about 45 minutes. At that time Maraschino decided to get a bit worried about the goats next door and that upset Coco a bit so I decided that was enough today and let them all back into the paddock.

I got some pigtails out and dragged George and his tape measure out to the paddock and we measured out a 60ft round corral. Tomorrow I will add the tape and try it out - can't wait actually!!

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