Thursday, April 2, 2009

Freestyle L2 audition

We filmed my L2 Freestyle audition today. Garbo was a star and was surprisingly full of energy. We jumped the jump three times, had a couple of small canters and lots of trot. I am impressed with how well he is tracking up in this trot and how the angles are even. And he looks happy!

These are stills from my video which I am still trying to upload to Youtube.

Who would have thought, that if someone had predicted 2 years ago I would be cantering and jumping in a rope halter, but things change hey!


Amanda said...

looks amazing cant wait to see more :) and let us know how you did!!!!

annabel said...

You are inspirational am going to follow your blog if you don't mind - we are parelli enthusiasts in the middle east (UAE) - they think we are very strange indeed

Vicki said...

Thanks Amanda. No news yet

Annabel - of course I don't mind. Nice to know someone reads my ramblings. :-)

Did you click on Follow this blog? Not that you need to but it then lists the updates on your Dashboard as a reading list.