Thursday, May 5, 2011

Horsenality Report

So - I did Maraschinos Horsenality report online - even though he's only just been started and only had a couple of quick rides. Well - surprisingly - he came out as an RBE. Right Brain Extrovert. I added in all the introverted things he does but I think in stress he reverts to extrovert  - sometimes. As you can tell - still trying to figure out if I answered the questions correctly...

However - since then I have noticed alot of extroverted behaviours. As you can see he's not on the cusp really and extreme. Bizarre. Then other times he's LBE!

His situational chart was even more bizarre.

Extroverted behaviours he has are;
  • Runs around the paddocks playing with Coco - but then gets wound up and just runs around and gets sweaty and crazy (however thinking this latter behaviour is grass related and neurological).
  • Kicks out when stressed at things... mud, trees laying on ground, ropes..
  • He runs through gateways in the winter so as not to get stuck I presume
  • Garbo waltzes up to feed.... Maraschino often runs - not always though
  • He moves very quickly from things he is scared of
  • He rears when scared of pressure on end of rope
  • Finds it hard to circle at walk
Introverted behaviours
  • he lowers his head while processing and stare or blink
  • he will often stare into the distance at something (before running)
  • he zones out after a big session online often not noticing things around him
Left Brain behaviours
  • he's very inquisitive - ie not scared of plastic flag, sniffs all new things without fear
  • While running in round pen the other day he ran at opening and stopped when he touched the tape
  • Mouths everything, pulls my hat off, lifts up his buckets, etc
  • Plays with Coco and tries to bite Garbo in jest
Right Brain tendencies
  • acts terrified of Carrot stick and string in motion - will check it if it's still
  • scared of ropes around head - over -reacts
  • runs around at any little fright - while Garbo continues to eat grass
  • Super vigilant of surroundings
  • More of a ball than a chair
What do you think???  eeek. 
All comments most welcome - give me some food for thought.


Cilla said...

sometimes when B gets to needing to move her feet I give her lots to do. If she wants to go fast I ask her to go fast, then faster! She often needs a job to do. All I can suggest with M is to do more Vicki, lots more! x

Twinnie said...

Hmmm, how interesting!!

Will think a bit on this - I still wonder if he is showing his 'true' horsenality...

a lot of (talented mainly RB) horse my guess so far


Vicki said...

Welcome all thoughts.....
Now I am really wondering if I over scored him on the Extrovert side - perhaps this toxicity has been creeping up on us