Saturday, May 7, 2011


Well - it's been an interesting week. Autumn is here, and so came the rain - but it has not been cold - in fact surprisingly warm - so I think the grass has got a little toxic.

Maraschino started running around like a lunatic about 2pm one weekend a few weeks ago and then this last week again he did the same thing - making a complete mess of my paddocks... both times just after or during a warm front  - rain and warm.!

I noticed it happened normally about 3.30 so I was getting them in at 3pm and yarding them, to avoid it - but on Wednesday he started at 11.30am.. again indicative of grass toxin build up from the time he went out onto grass until the afternoon. Those of you who follow this may recall he did this last winter too.

So - off I went to buy Mycosorb - toxin binder... two days in a row I put him in the round pen and both days he just spent nearly the whole time running or walking non stop in there- not eating much, not drinking much and generally getting himself in a lather - literally. So now I have a mud pen! The first day he stood still for 30 minutes, out of 4 hours. The pen is in the paddock the others are in so it's not like it was a separation issue.

I bought a salt lick on a rope and hung that in his yard, and also today some magnesium (blimmen expensive stuff - I was using dolomite but don't think that cuts it for this)... and he's been off grass apart for a couple of hours for three days now.

So far so good but I have no idea where to put him all winter... lets hope the 'drugs' work.

 Butter wouldn't melt!

The paddocks I want to retain and not turn them prematurely into mud! And the round pen.

Garbo is very fluffy right now - and cuddly!!

The boys at sunset tonight

 Coco is really enjoying being in at night now - I find post peelings all over him in the morning.

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Lovely evening pics....