Sunday, May 22, 2011


Garbo has never been a fan of the plastic bag. Last month I was listening to David Lichman's Podcast and it dawned on me when he said "you have to try really hard to kill a horse with a plastic bag"... that I just have to persevere, and Garbo needs to realise he isn't going to die.

He was a little dominant and a little distracted this afternoon - hearing the turkeys in the distance. So I got the carrot stick and plastic bag out. Initially he was pretty skeptical but he eventually got better after I used approach and retreat with the bag rubbing his rear hoof. As soon as he put his ears forward, I stopped and let him sniff the plastic bag. After a while he was getting alot better so we went out to the grass, and he was much more interested in eating grass - not really worried about the bag at all... truly LBI hey.

Maraschino was pretty good today but every night at dusk he looks over towards the same area in the distance and stares.

I am going to the Game of Contact next weekend so I need to monitor him closely this week and set up a schedule for my horse sitter.

I also worked on Head Down for Garbo too - another thing we didn't spend "two days" on back in Level 1... I think I actually got through to him!

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