Monday, May 23, 2011

Maraschino's on the mend

Maraschino had a wee bit of a run around this morning after seeing or hearing something in the fog, out in the paddock, so I got him into the yard again. I have ordered the Grass Nosode Homepathic treatment and he's going to get Stramonium in the PM and Grass Nosode in the AM - it's for the grass staggers type symptoms from the grass toxins. He calmed down really quickly once I haltered him which was a good improvement. Not some rearing terrified horse on the end of a rope like he was two weeks ago.

So in the afternoon I loaded them both and off we went to Woodhill Sands. Maraschino loads 100% better than Garbo does - maraschino just walks on and gets himself into position! Garbo still needs shifting over.

Maraschino was a little up and a little snorty - especially when some other horses arrived... but in general a big big improvement to two weeks ago - so it's really good that all my remedies are working.

I did some nice fast changes of direction and S bends with Garbo and used the 45ft rope again - with gloves this time. Then I had a wee ride which was great. I got off after a little bit because Maraschino was freaking out a bit at the horses that arrived and so Garbo became distracted.... I got off and we did some fast work online to un-distract him.

Gorgeous day as you can see  and loading on the way home was fab too - all in all very successful.

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Twinnie said...

well done and what a gorgeous day!!
So glad maraschino is feeling better..