Sunday, May 22, 2011


When I was as Primary School - we used to have playlunch - (morning tea). Today we have a Parelli version of that, Jane, Hana and Claire came for lunch and we investigated the pasture, said hello to the boys, then had coffee and lunch, and then took the boys for a walk up the road.

Maraschino freaked out a bit about the geese and ducks next door  - not something he would normally do so the grass is still effecting him alot. We are not there yet. But Jane was fab with him and by the end, after we did lots of approach and retreat he was quite calm so it was a good trip out. It's great to have others to help so I can take both of them up the road.

Then we had another coffee and a few hours had past already!

Coco being his gorgeous self

Playing approach and retreat up the road (away from home)

Me and Garbo - hanging out

Playing still inside our property - making sure Coco was ok alone

LB vs RB

Off we head...stones ouch Mum
Thanks guys.


Twinnie said...

Thank you!!! If ever you discover Maraschino missing you know where to look...he is such a cutie!!

Vicki said...

LOL..... yep - I will know where to look.... oh I didn't tell you he was coming to your place for a growing up holiday did I?? LOL