Friday, May 6, 2011

Ponying the Paint down the road

My friend came over two weekends ago (I know - so slack at posting - mainly because I didn't take photos I think), and she said she would pony Maraschino off Garbo down our road - it's about 1km long I guess.... and she's had loads of experience in ponying.

So realised quickly the first mistake I had been making - having the line too long! She said to have Maraschino at Garbo's shoulder. So - with me on foot, off we went down the road. All was going well and then we reached the farmer's place - he has a mare and a 2 year old horse in the paddock beside the road... Garbo was ok until the silly 2 year old decided this was very exciting and tried to either run through the fence or jump it - it's 8 wires and as his legs strummed the fence like a guitar - both my boys got a fright at the noise. Garbo turned 90 degrees to look at what was happening and in the process trod on a dead branch that has fallen on the verge... and that made Maraschino jump.

After a bit all was calm again ( I took Maraschino for a bit till we got a little further away), and we went further than ever before.... past some bulls and then decided to turn and head home. Garbo was so good and so calm and collected - he was loving it. Maraschino was like his eyes were popping out of his head - so much to see!

Boy did he do some licking and chewing on the way back! And he slept very well that night. Garbo had a bit of a sweat going too.

All in all very successful.

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