Sunday, May 29, 2011

It's over sob sob

This is most likely what you'll find me doing a lot over winter!! Practising my consistent contact even while trotting and my position for finesse.

Linda said this afternoon that this is the missing piece for Finesse Level 4 but we should start it now because it will improve our relationship with our horse in so many ways. I can see how it will for Garbo. And it's all about making the arena interesting even for an LBI too. There were a few LBIs.

Ok so here are some photos of the same horses, day 1 to day 2, notice the difference in the riders also.

The above photo is Duncan on day 2 , look how cool his should hip heel line is, compared to the day before.

Lilann got on his horse in the end because Duncan needed to see a mental picture of what he was aiming for.

Pretty cool huh.

Fiona got some awesome results too - I just was not so good at capturing them, sorry, it was dark by now.

The summary of the course is; you and your horse should enjoy contact. Using pressure and release you can teach your horse to get contact with nose, neck and feet. Without a fight, without fear. Linda said most horses think when you pick up contact they'll hit a wall and be blocked, this way they are not, they always get an open door.

Lastly - a photo of steady Eddie...for practising our positions on before we get on the horse.


Lou said...

Thank you so much for sharing this with us! Loved all the photos, too. :)

Twinnie said...

Great pics thanks Vicki!!

Think we need a steady Eddie....

Marion Princic said...

thanks for sharing Vicki!

Vicki said...

Glad you all enjoyed it