Sunday, April 17, 2011

Two more plays with Mr M

I played three days in a row this week with Maraschino - Day 2 -  I decided to work on asking him to go faster without getting emotional - since, as my friend pointed out, he only canters when he's emotional - ie being chased by Garbo or running from something scary.

I started the circles close to the yards for security and it took a good 30 minutes of circles and transitions to really get him to notice my ask for the downwards transitions. In the end I could just wiggle the rope a teeny but and he would go back to walk (instead of screeching to a complete halt). He went very introverted again though - boy it's a real challenge. On the one hand I can easily get him to do things Garbo is so difficult with, and yet he's so unconfident with it - not that 90% of people would pick the level of unconfidence up, but it's really clear.

After a good few circles going walk, trot, walk, trot, walk, trot, walk, stop, I stopped there and went up to the wash bay - he's not yet at the point where he's yawning or licking much online, so I decided to not unhalter him just yet and groom him instead.

After 30 minutes of that I unhaltered him - he did a big shake of his neck and head and a big yawn, but stayed with me looking for a carrot.

Day 3
So today I thought - what can I do which isn't circles and will build confidence. We did a bit of porcupine and yo yo and then figure 8 round the barrels. He gets it so quickly - and he's so good at it - so we just did that a few times. After a couple of overshoots he headed for the jump pole - interesting! But I said - no not the jump today, just Figure 8. (I moved the barrels further apart than they are in the photo).

I after some lovely trot Figure 8's I left it there, took him back to the wash bay and groomed him again.


Parelli Central said...

Hi Vicky, Isn't it great that you have two horses so completely different... They make sure to stretch you :-)

One suggestion I found helpful with a horse at the rescue that was very unconfident: Use the 3 principle games to analyze what's broken and then fix accordingly. In Nevada's case he really didn't understand the difference between rhythmic motion and rhythmic pressure... So I switched back and forth, especially at the figure 8... Now this is pressure, so move away from me and now this is friendly game so just keep doing what you're doing (while I throw the string over your back while you are moving)... Hope that helps!

Petra Christensen
Parelli 2Star Junior Instructor
Parelli Central

Vicki said...

Thanks Petra - yes, it's great having different horses, and that's a great suggestion, thanks. I had actually started doing friendly game with carrot stick and string while moving, as I had figured out we needed to do that to move forward re the fear of the stick and string (while moving).... ;-) so I wi
Ll definitely try that changing it between the two... Thanks