Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Trip out - much needed

Garbo was getting a little bored at home - to be expected... I have been busier at work this summer and not had much time at all and we have not been to the forest for ages.

So I took him down to Woodhill Sands - which I intend to make good use of this winter, as it's a natural sand trap, so no mud - at worst - wet sand.

I only used the 45ft line so I was pretty happy about that, and first off he wasn't happy about being tied up to the float so he couldn't graze! LOL

Then we walked to the judges box to sign in, and then we went straight into trot and canter on the end of the 45ft - he was pretty interested in checking out the place so I let him drift off the edges and sniff things as his resting spots. I tried a couple of changes of direction too.

Then we had a big walk through the crunchy leaves on the ground - the 45ft making the strangest noise in them - Garbo kept getting a little spooked but not too bad - not enough to spoil his fun.

We used the Dressage arenas as obstacles, no one else was around - it was fab.

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Twinnie said...

Looks like fun on a nice sunny day - wish we were closer!!