Sunday, April 10, 2011

Vaulting practise pays off

hahha - that got your attention...

I got the boys into the washbay this afternoon - I must admit I was wondering why twice Garbo cantered form the paddock into the yards!! He usually only does that when it starts to rain... funny hey... today was a nice day - no rain in sight.

Got my float out and washed it - and then got my saddle out - today was a saddle day not a bareback pad day.

Groomed them all, and they were pretty half asleep to be honest. I was thinking to myself gosh I have not done much with Garbo online lately - just ridden him.... but he seemed happy enough.

I decided to ride in the track - I got on, and off we went - away from Maraschino who stood so well in the washbay by himself tied up. Just walked... but then trotted a little... when we got to the end we turned back and he cantered back - I stopped him half way along and asked for trot please, then stop.

Turned and tried again.... did heaps of trot, walk, trot, walk, trot, walk, then turned and headed back and he caprioled up and as his front end hit the ground he bucked and I went flying - I thought - uh oh... but next thing I knew I landed on my feet - standing up, next to him, facing him by his shoulder....yes, he had stopped. He turned and glared at the cow in the next paddock (they've been there all week). I glared at Garbo!

So I was a little full of adrenaline to get back on so we went back, collected Maraschino and headed with the ropes to the round pen. I got Garbo to work hard so to take his mind off the cows, and listen to me.. as he so tends to do when I am on him.... and got him jumping - he offered it after one time.... and then I took the lead rope off because it was too short and did some liberty. He resisted to go to the right when I asked so I tagged him... he bucked twice...  I then got a lovely back up at Liberty which has always been hard (he usually takes off in a circle)... after a better couple of laps I got back on.

We did a couple of laps - to make it interested we jumped the jump too.

Then I got off... and it was Maraschino's turn.

He's decided jumping the jump is too much pressure so we've gone back to two barrels with a gap and did that instead.... he just freezes and stops trying..... it's not about the jump though right - need to add some more stuff in there, the ball me thinks.

Finished up with;
touch it from zone 2 to build his confidence again, and then I played - "see this rope won't kill you"! I was throwing it over him (22ft) all over the place and from all angles... haven't managed swinging it over his head from Zone 1 yet.

Phew my brain hurts. It always hurts after I have had to be assertive. I always question my fairness afterwards.


Cilla said...

Glad you are ok after the vaulting!

Twinnie said...

well, you sound ok - hope you are!!

Sounded like a biiig session!