Saturday, October 9, 2010

Savvy Club DVD 52

Very exciting - I just realised I had 2 Savvy Club DVDs still to watch (July and September) and one Mastery Lesson (7), and a CD to listen to.... coooool.

Just finished watching Savvy Club DVD 52 and really enjoyed both of Linda's segments especially - one on partial disengagement (my favourite thing for relaxing Garbo but this was great as it gave me a visual revision of doing it again) - I am going to use it on Tuesday at Woodhill Sands.

The saddle segment was also good - my saddle us due for a clean....

And - the gate segment was great as well with Pat - something we need to do more of. The gates here are not horse friendly but I shall make it my mission to rub every gate now I see.

Cool - right - what next....

Jane is on her way here, we are having a catch up after her September Fast Trak course in Pagosa, I am cooking fresh bread for lunch, hopefully after lunch we'll have a play with the boys too.

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Cilla said...

We don't have horse friendly gates either but I am playing with it online anyway. It paid off with Lizzie and I am sure it will with Breeze. You and Garbo too I'll bet.