Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Float loading practice for Mr M.

My float is all shiny - ready to go to it's lovely new owner - no one has bought it yet but I don't have my new one yet wither so I am not worried. The Universe works in mysterious ways.
After unloading Garbo it was a lovely day as you can see - so I took advantage of having the float on the new concrete - a great surface for some loading... Maraschino was happy to be haltered and I took him over to the float. Now - it was parked around the back of the house so Garbo couldn't see us - so it doubled as seperation training with Garbo - something I have been dreading doing. (side note for those of you who don't know this - he once jumped a gate from standstill to not be in the paddock alone as I walked away). So we made a few trips back and forth in between playing put your foot on the ramp.
Garbo called out a few times but eventually after seeing we kept coming back - he went into the main paddock instead of creening over the fence like below.

I know - Maraschino's front feet need trimming again - this weekend's job! So - then all four feet on the ramp... it was quite windy so the float was making all sorts of noises.... I had grain - and sat on the floor up the front of the float (holding the 12ft) and fed him grain handfuls everytime he took another step. Then we'd hear Garbo and go back to be 'in-sight' then return to the float. Keep in mind - Maraschino has never been on this new concrete nor has he been round that side of the house so he was doing so well.
I am lying down here to get this shot above!! How's that for two way trust.
Then we had four feet in and he found some of the grain on the floor which was great because I wanted him to keep his head down for backing out - which he did.
Afterwards he seemed to not want to go and be with the others which I thought was nice - and that I hadn't over done it.
He's such a trusting soul - I get a strong feeling Blue is with him and whispering in his ear - he seems to trust that anything I ask him to do will be ok - because I said it is. And that he will be safe, he tries so hard.


Cilla said...

Such a good job Vicki. Mr M is a very lucky boy to be a member of your herd :-)

Vicki said...

aww thanks Cilla
Petra - I accidentally deleted your comment instead of publishing it sorry

Here it is;

Looks like a successful trailer session.
Keep up the good play, Vicky!

Petra Christensen
Parelli 2Star Junior Instructor
Parelli Central

Twinnie said...

So proud of you both!!! He is such and amazing boy and tries his heart out...

well done for taking care of everyone..