Saturday, October 30, 2010

Maraschino's week

I have played with the saddle and Maraschino twice more so far this week.

The first day (Tuesday), I saddled him up in the washbay - just like I would for any horse, pretending like it's no big deal. I didn't have him tied up, just held the rope over my arm.

We headed off to the round pen and I put the stirrups down so he could feel them banging etc where my leg will be... on the circle we did two circles and stopped after each one (at trot). It was quite funny - the stirrup on the inside was centrifugal forcing him out on the circle and to bend in! Very handy! He seemed a little alerted as to how I was pushing him out with the stirrup at trot - but when I disengaged him he relaxed.

We went for a big walk all over the place (the paddock) and then called it a day.

I let him think about things on Wednesday and Thursday, and last night I used my jumping saddle since I had it out to clean because I am selling it. It was a wee bit snug to say the least, behind the shoulder, but at least when I do get a good saddle he'll know how nice it is!

He went straight to the saddle and smelled it and fell asleep with his leg cocked while I was saddling him up - what a star.

I put my rhythm beads on him as well - for two reasons - something else to get used to (they have jingle bells on them) and something else going over his ears.... he was a little wary of having jingly bells so close to his ears but I took it slowly.

So off we set - stirrups down and banging, and jingly rhythm beads jingling... heehee... I also took my car windscreen reflector - I have only ever had it for horses - it's shiny and bright and silver and folds up. I lay it on the ground and he went straight to it and licked it, then stood on it when I asked him to. What a good boy he is.

We worked on back up as I wanted to get him back to

I dragged the windscreen window shade back along the ground as we headed back and he gave it the evil stare but soon relaxed, then the wind caught it so I casually folded it up - held it in front of him and he licked it. I am still blown away by his trust in me, every day.

Sorry folks only one piccy from Tuesday! Promise I'll take some today...

Next I'll tell you about my forest ride with Garbo yesterday....

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