Sunday, October 17, 2010

Out twice this week...

and I haven't blogged yet!!

So this is two days worth... ok!

It was really windy and I nearly didn't go, cancelled then re booked - I think I knew it was because I had told myself I was going to take my saddle and ride. I don't do much more than a couple of strides of trot in the bareback pad so in the saddle I have no excuse.

So I was pleased I changed my mind back and decided to go and not ride. Heading down the road in the float (Garbo loaded really well despite the wind), we passed a grader and a gravel truck going about 100kmph. They were added more gravel to our road and evening it out.

We had a really good session online and his circles are really improving, his right hand circles are still looking stiff and he's looking out - perhaps forgetting his hip is not sore anymore - or favouring it still, or maybe just habit because we more often go to the left (note to self to even this up).

There were leaves and twigs all over the place and Garbo liked the taste of them so as a reward I would stop him on the end of the 22ft after he'd done something well, at a leaf or twig, for a treat.

I just focussed on not drilling the circling just getting a nice lap with head down and relaxed and looking in, and stop.

We are working on me leaving to go and pay while he waits calmly....

We had a nice walk back again to the float and he loaded well again. Off home we went. He unloaded really nicely and Maraschino had been good again - not alot of calling out.

I did play with Maraschino on Wednesday but I'll blog that seperately.
Again another nice day and no wind, loaded well and off we went. Maraschino didn't look bothered at all - he called out and for the first time Garbo didn't try and come off or do anything in fact when Maraschino called out. Arrived to find Bronwyn had decided not to bring Critey so again it was a great opportunity to practise Garbo working (and focusing on me) without any other horses around - and for me to ride him alone too. Yes, I took my saddle.

He wasn't completely as ok with the saddle going on as the bareback pad so I am going to get it checked again soon.

Well - happy to report - no spooking today and he was calm and Left Brain the entire time. I think he looked up once or twice at other horses grazing in the distance, but nothing much at all. My new rule for myself is to not be on Garbo if I am anxious or nervous - I know he feels it, in the hope that he will only have rides that has me being cool calm and collected.

The circles to the right were again stiff so I shortened the rope and made smaller circles at the walk adding a little flexion to Zone 1 and keeping Zone 4 away from me, he did that well and then I made the circle slowly bigger. I think we are making progress. The left circle oh my goodness - lovely - head down, blowing, using his back... nice.

So on I got - he was good for mounting from the fence... and I ventured away from my comfort zone - near the fence and near Bronwyn. We went over the poles a few times slowly moving out further away each time, and I used the barrels to make some figure 8 at walk, and interestingly enough his right circle round the barrel is actually fine. I increased my confidence with every lap away further and so did Garbo. So we went for a little trot - back to the fence. And then another.

Then - I decided to shorten my reins and try out the engaged position as per the last Mastery DVD - hmm... well the upper part of my body felt good, Garbo seemed to be ok with it, but my heels came up... interesting!!!! I shall have to try and isolate what is happening there.

We rode all the way back to the car - well nearly - 3/4 way back I realised I'd left my carrot stick in the arena so I went back on foot and Bronwyn took Garbo back for me.

Bronwyn had to leave then because her house alarm had gone off so I took Garbo and we walked back to pay the money (there is a green letterbox you need to place it into)... and then I decided we'd walk back down the sandy shad lane past all the cross country jumps (a different way).

Garbo was totally relaxed, no thresholds, past a tractor towing something (parked) and Garbo stepped over the tow cable that was lying on the ground like it wasn't even there.

All in all a great day - loaded well on the way home (with no other horses around for security)... it was eerie it was so empty, and off we went.

I gave him carrots from inside the float!


Cilla said...

Gorgeous Garbo! Good day out too. c x

Twinnie said...

Vicki that is SOOOO good!!! Thats fab your loading and unlaoding is going so well, and he's not spooky etc and that you rode.

You must be so pleased - I would be!
Looking forward to reading next instalment..isn't it great when they are happy to go out and be with you - I'm starting to get that too..