Saturday, October 30, 2010

Back to the forest after 8 months

Once I start not going to the forest it tends to drag out and get this whole new life and energy of it's own. Garbo was not happy (his hip was sore) last time we went in February, so we turned home early and ended the ride. So I had todays ride planned from ages ago - well not the day - but leading up to it - preparing. I had done a little work with Garbo online and a little riding so it was time for a 45 min walk in the forest. I got a little nervous before hand and wondered how my rule of not getting on nervous would play out, but it was all good... let me tell you....

So - Garbo loaded really well - my new thing is to put the rope over his back as a signal to load. I'll let you know how that progresses...

We arrived early which was great - time for me to settle down - I can't think of any reason why I am nervous (certainly not of Garbo) but Bronwyn pointed out that it's the other peoples horses who we tend to worry about - they canter up behind you without warning or whatever - well that has never happened - but I think she's right.

Garbo was so calm tied up to the hitching post waiting while I fluffed around getting him saddled. So calm - when I think what he was like 4 years ago, even a year ago - and the carpark was full of horses too!! Loading, unloading... I heard the mother ask the daughter with the horses next to us "do you want the crop?", "what for?", "To smack her if she spooks"... hmmmmm

I ignored it and so did Garbo.

Emotional fitness is what it's all about hey.

So horses came and went as did trucks, there were forest staff there too having a meeting. A few trucks left and it seemed to quieten down. Bronwyn and Critey arrived and parked on the opposite side to us - another challenge - but he was great!! Even at the end of the ride when we went our separate ways he just happily stood over by his hitching post with his leg cocked.

So - by the time Bronwyn saddled up, I had put on my fluro jacket, and hat, and got my camera, locked my car, we headed over to the mounting lock - aka picnic table, I was calm and was not nervous - yay I could get on!

Off we set and basically Bronwyn and I chatted the whole way so I can't really remember the scenery much but it's always nice in the forest - lovely and cool.

Things that came up on the ride and I how I dealt with them;
  • Garbo trying to hurry Critey along by biting her bum - I got Bronwyn to wave her whip behind her, and at one stage we went ahead - he was so confident - I really do have a new horse on my hands.
  • Trying to rush down hills... I used sideways as a distractor so we zig zagged form one side of the track to the other, all the way down. That worked really well... Pat's idea of course but as usual a blimmen good one.
  • He sometimes got a bit jiggity so I used a little partial disengagement - as usual awesome result - thanks Linda!!!
  • He spooked at something behind him at one point and ran forwards, I wasn't quite balanced enough not to tip back - but I didn't lose my stirrups. And my adrenalin didn't come up either.
  • The lead rope part of my hackamore came undone from my saddle without me realising - Garbo kept stopping and pawing and putting his head down - Bronwyn noticed it trailing along the ground - thanks Garbo you are so clever.

Garbo loves to have a roll in the sand afterwards!! He was sweating from head to toe, and had an icecream bum.

We're going to go again next week.


Cilla said...

Has it really been that long? Great post.
Breeze tries to bite Bert's bum when he's in front so I asked Sandra to flap her hand at B and it works. Each ride Sandra has to do less and B stops sooner now.
The fear is an odd one, eh. Our logical brains don't understand it but I guess it's an emotional response. Good you weren't nervous and did get on. Sounds like a lovley ride. x

Parelli Central said...

Sounds like you had a good time and set yourself up for success. Good play :-)

Petra Christensen
Parelli 2Star Junior Instructor
Parelli Central