Sunday, October 10, 2010

Parelli Catch Up Day

Great view huh

Jane came over today - she's been on the Fast Trak in September in Pagosa so we had lots to catch up on... and she brought me back a GREEN BALL - how cool is that - thanks Jane - and a really nice Parelli Carry Bag... too cool. I have yet to tell Garbo about the green ball...

We had some lunch and looked at all her photos and talked about the course - well - actually after Jane left I remembered heaps more questions lol.

After lunch we took Garbo onto the paper road next to our property - it's about 40m wide I guess and runs almost down the entire side of our property - the land owners who have it on their property haven't got it fenced off from the rest of their land but it's nice and flat and big and wide - so absolutely perfect for playing on - because then I don't have to worry about Garbo making a mess of the paddock at home... and we can still see (and play approach and retreat) - Maraschino.

Just a side note - some Italian friends of ours came over and she told me that the correct pronunciation of his name is "Mara-skeeeno".

So while it was windy - it was still sunny and Jane kept remembering little tips she had learned (her lease horse was LBI), while we were playing. She correctly pointed out that he hadn't been moving his FQ away correctly (and therefore easily pushes us with his shoulder) so she showed me how to fix that - and he learns so quickly.... he's a little reactive to the carrot stick making contact with him, so we'll do more friendly game on the move I think - but I think it's the intention he actually doesn't like. Being the boss horse he never gets bossed around.. so when I (or someone else) shows leadership over him he kind of gets all meek and takes short choppy breaths.

I think we had a good mix of rest and reward though - and by the end he was definitely listening to me and paying attention - and for the first time I let him stop and think and then relax on the end of the 22ft rather than in with me.

I had to take quite a lot of pressure away from him....

He made some nice relaxed looking circles at trot and he even went into canter nicely and easily. Great to see.
He's really using his back here and his diagonals are on the same 'angle'. Nice.

Jane and I both realised that we don't do enough of the things we find hard - so we are both going to make a list and remind each other to practise them.

Here's mine;
  • Cleaning out and trimming Maraschinos feet
  • Porcupine with Garbo
  • Using the 45ft line
  • Trotting bareback
  • Green ball and Garbo (esp above ground level)
  • Driving the front end away - Garbo
  • Figure 8's
I'm sure a 2nd list will develop as I think of things...

So Jane left and we both no doubt had a big think about things as we do... all good-stuff.

Oh - Jane kindly gave me a hand with trimming the boys front feet where they have both got seedy toe - we took a slight different approach so I am going to maintain them every week and see how it goes, as they are just not improving with the way they are being trimmed currently.

Maraschino was so good for Jane.

Then I gave them all some parsley and celery and went inside.

Thanks for taking all the great photos Jane.

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Twinnie said...

It was such fun to catch up and see you again Vicki - I really enjoyed it! As you said, lots of L & C on the way home - how could I have done xyz better etc....

Impressed you have your list up already - I'll work on mine and add it to my blog - then please check up on me!!
BIG thanks for letting me play with Garbo and Maraschino - they are special boys...