Tuesday, October 26, 2010

and then came the saddle

Michelle and Maraschino swapping secrets.

Yesterday my friend Michelle came over for a catch up on Maraschino's progress and to give me some pointers on where to from here. We headed down to the round pen - I had my new green ball in there - wow it's massive (thanks Jane xx).

He was pretty unphased by it. I led him near it and he headed straight for it and touched it.

Funny story - blew it up in the garage - guess what - it doesn't for through a normal doorway! Trap for young players... I had to take it out the roller doors and around - then lift it over the wash bay gate - much to Garbo's horror - he lept up (front feet off the ground then back feet off the ground in his little panic mode) and then looked away - just refused to look at it. Out of sight out of mind.

George and I took it into the paddock as the boys watched on from their yards and we bounced it - it bounces higher than two or three of me!

So - back to the round pen and Maraschino sniffing the green ball - no problem at all.

I went to get the saddle while Michelle used the savvy string to make a cherokee bridle. He actually quite liked it - he loves chewing anyway. She also worked on putting it over his ears and off again like we would with a normal bridle.

Then I just put the saddle on just like you do in Level 1 - and he was fine about that too.... he actually went to the saddle and touched it while he was chewing in the savvy string bridle.

Girth up - no problem. Michelle moved his HQ, and FQ's around with the girth done up about as much as you would before the last tighten to get on... and he was still fine.

Then she handed him over to me to just send him out and get him moving - and he did - just as normal - no problem at all - what an angel he is.

Did that for a bit - playing with the green ball a little too - then we put the stirrups down while he was standing still, and flapped them around rhythmically - that was really the only time he had any reaction what so ever. But once we had done it on one side the other side was fine. He had also stopped chewing on the savvy string by then too.
Then I just got him in the mount from the fence position for ages rubbing on him till he got all sleepy - and we ended it there.

Today - same all over again just with some obstacles. I'll do that all week and Sunday/Monday all going well he'll have one of us sitting on him (just sitting for the first session).


Cilla said...

Woohoo! How exciting!!!!
c x

Parelli Central said...

Looks like you have curious and calm horse at hand.... good play!!!

Petra Christensen
Parelli 2Star Junior Instructor
Parelli Central

Twinnie said...

WOW!!!!!!! Is all I can say!! Vicki that is HUGE progress ! It sounds as if it could not have gone any better.....savvy girl.....

you are inspiring me.........I'm shocking not doing anything with Merlot. Today he picked up the 22ft and just shook it and shook it so much he yoyoed cameo away from him - they were both at liberty. I thought it was asign he needs to do stuff...

fabulous stuff!

Glad the ball is fun...

Vicki said...

I have a blog of Garbo and the ball to come too lol.. That's so funny about Merlot yo-yoing Cameo. I think it's just play as M has done that before to Garbo - with the carrot stick lol. Maybe they have been watching the DVDs while we weren't looking.