Sunday, July 11, 2010

Up the road again

Coco has started following me around whenever I am down at the barn... I have dates - and he LOVES them.

My friend came over and offered to come with me (and my two horses) and walk them up the road - we live on a private road and it's a lovely walk - we get to see sheep, cows, dogs, horses... all sorts.

Soon I'll feel confident enough to take them both alone but for now while Maraschino is still gaining confidence, it's the savvy thing to have one horse each.

Tracey took Garbo and I took my 'baby' who really is not so much a baby anymore - thinking that he'll be 4 in October!

He was so cool calm and collected today - we went further than last time and we had no thresholds - we stopped and looked at the dogs barking at us, and sniffed the car parked on the side of the road, then my husband arrived in his car so we stopped and chatted.... he had his head down alot - which was just fabulous.

When we got back since I had someone with me I extended my lean over Maraschino a bit more to have 90% of my weight over his back - he just turned his head and tried to nip me - I think he was looking for treats actually. I got off and he did three big yawns. Then I leaned over him again - and then he looked all sleepy so I got off and ended the session there.

Great news - the round pen is being built on Tuesday!

This is Maraschino doing his RB "what was that/what is that"!

I have been grazing them on the side lawn and there is a pile of topsoil from building the barn, and Maraschino just loves being up high and looking around.

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