Saturday, July 17, 2010

Jane's Visit

Dante studying Garbo's Horsenality Report!

Today Jane kindly drove her float just over an hour from her house to mine so I could have a go at loading both horses into it - with the idea that I will need a new float if I want to take both big horses out together - most likely one like Jane's For you overseas readers float= trailer. LOL.

Firstly we went to stick some posters up in feed stores about Jackies November Clinic. Then Jane bought us a birthday lunch - which actually wasn't that fair since her birthday was two days before mine!

Then back to my place to have a play with the boys. Firstly I showed Jane a few things I am currently working on with Maraschino - working on getting him to move forward with me in Zone 3 and also to take notice of the rein aids and also the one rein stop (once I plant my feet).

Coco joined in too.

Then we had a play with both horses on the float - Garbo has never been on a different float apart from his since I have had him (5 years now) and so I didn't push it too much but we ended up right on and going on and off several times calmly. We'll leave doing up the dividers to another day (maybe a sunny one)....

Maraschino was very keen to play Touch It on the float with Jane and he was trying to nudge her onto the float so he could also get on and get all the carrots. It was quite funny. Jane was playing the game no - you can't get on the float. Great!

Doesn't Maraschino look huge!

Thanks Jane and awesome awesome news!!!!!!!!

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Twinnie said...

Thanks for a lovely day Vicki - as usual I learned heaps!! Sorry it was all a bit last minute...

I know I keep saying it but you are making SUCH progress with all your boys!!! evey time I visit they are all that much more confident....