Thursday, July 8, 2010

Sunshine again

Finally (touch wood) the sun is coming back for a few days - we have had 200mm of rain in two months..... so the paddocks are very soggy and my boys are treating their track a bit like a race track - especially Maraschino (rising 4) who loves to do donuts and slide stops. Then he bucks all the way round the track.... just because he saw a cow!


Last weekend it was really foggy and I got this great photo of my up and coming dressage horse (Maraschino).... he loves circles being a Right Brain Introvert so I think he'll be more suited to dressage, of course I will only compete naturally and only when we are both ready. (About 4 years I reckon lol) ...

Click on the photo to see full size... Garbo's just doing his usual Left Brain Introvert - "what?!"

I am off out to the washbay to do some more ground riding with Maraschino... it's too muddy to venture out anywhere else.

Oh - and my course at Pagosa is all booked and confirmed - yay - Aug 15th 2011... !!!!


Cilla said...

Great news about Pagosa. Very cool!
c x

Twinnie said...

Fantastic ----just WISH I could be there physically too - mentally I will though so watch out!!