Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Another walk up the road

I know this must sound monotonous but it's winter so I can't play in the paddocks and I don't have an arena - so the road is it... lol

Maraschino was much calmer yesterday - I took him and my friend took Garbo. We stopped at the sheep paddock and looked at the sheep (all of us) for ages because a lamb had just been born and it was calling out for his mother and we could see a sheep lying on the ground not moving, further away so we were a bit worried - but they are not our sheep so couldn't really do anything. Later that evening I heard the farmer on the quad bike so fingers crossed. We shall check on them tonight.

Maraschino spent a very long time taking in the view - one he doesn't normally get to see, and the sheep and the farmers dogs etc, he was very calm walking and we even had a little trot (practising for our inhand coloured show in December).

Garbo is becoming extremely confident up the road now which is also great.

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Twinnie said...

Inhand coloured show? Thats awesome!!!

At least you are getting him out and about.Unlike me - yet! Wish mine had better conformation though I should and will take them out.