Thursday, July 1, 2010

Rode a different horse today

My friend owns Garbo's half sister (same Dam), and my friend has recently had her knee operated on and also her horse was diagnosed with ringbone. With three months off her and the horse feel much better and she wanted me to ride her first since if anything happened her knee is not back to full working order just yet.

When I arrived she had just got off the float and was a little nervous due to some horses training (trotters) next door which she could se - also a farmer in another paddock. I worked he a little on the ground then we took her to the indoor arena (what luxury)... it's another friends.

I played with her online for about 10 minutes and she was very calm (she has the same horsenality as Garbo - they even gulp the same way).

Then I got on, finding her itchy spot on her wither at the same time which helped. She was just fine, nice and calm and walking with her head low and relaxed (it was her first time in a hackamore).

So after a bit Bronwyn got on and had a go too. I introduced her to the mind set of not micro managing your horse but allowing her to go straight until you want her to turn - then do something.

Bronwyn loved it!

Critey was very responsive to the lightest of aids and she loved not a having a bit. She yawned about 20 times afterwards!


Cilla said...

Now that's just brilliant!
c x

Twinnie said...

Wow she looks chilled and so like Garbo!!

Good job!