Sunday, July 25, 2010


Sheryl & Molly

A friend of a friend called me last week - said she needed some help - she had the Horsenality DVD and the Seven Games but was 'stuck'. Well it's not often people approach you for help having 'started' watching some Parelli already so I said I would give her a hand.

Turns out her lovely mare has had some pretty bad head injuries taking 6 months to heal - Molly (the horse) was a real sweetie and the owner just wasn't quite sure how to read her - 'not sure if she should scowl back at her' she told me....

So really all I did was go over the first three games with her and played a little bit with Molly - then got her owner to do the same.... it's really bizarre how you don't realise how much you know (and how many Parelli'sms' just pop out of your mouth, until you start showing someone else the games.

The owner found it difficult not to micro manage and also to release at the right time.

We finished showing Molly the Touch It Game and I asked Sheryl to rewatch the DVDs and play with her horse and that I would visit her again in 2 weeks to see how she is progressing.

I am not interested in helping people out if they are not going to do the hard yards themselves and spend the time... so we will see..

Molly really responded well to the games and her hardest was Yo Yo (I think she is part Clydie)... so it will be interesting to see what she is like in 2 weeks.


Cilla said...

Isn't it great to find out what you know, and when to be and why. And you are so right to wait and see if she does the work herself. So many people like the idea but can't be bothered to invest the time themselves.
I have 'helped' a couple of times now and no-one has done the work themselves so it hasn't gone further. I just enjoy playing with other horses so it's never time wasted lol.x

Kerrin Koetsier said...

It's great that you could help your friend out, Vicki!

I was spectating at a Level 1 clinic over the weekend, and like you, was amazed at how much I sub-consciously know. I was also reminded that the foundations are so vitally important, and that everything is based upon the first 3 games.

Keep us posted,

~Kerrin Koetsier
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