Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Finally some sun

Not much but at least enough to take the boys covers off and give them a good groom - because as you can imagine they are shedding hair like it's going out of fashion - the birds are loving all the free nest material. The swallows have made another nest (kids gonna have grandkids from last year I think)... and you can see the horse tail hair hanging out of it.

Garbo had to have his teeth flossed with the halter first before he put it on.

Then I tied him by the feijoa trees - he thought that was a bit like torture looking at all that long grass he was not allowed to eat. So I undid him and tied him by the door - also it was downwind for grooming which was better - less was going in my mouth!

He doesn't like to pose sometimes - today was one of those days but here he is all clean and scratched. We found lots of scratchy spots today. This was a 'just get me the food' look.

At the same time I was grooming Maraschino at liberty as he was a bit close to Garbo's tie up area - he was really good and alot easier to groom as he didn't have as much of a winter coat as Garbo did this year. Coco helped too. He groomed me as well - all I can do is giggle. It tickles.

Coco was so keen to groom - he started licking the inside of Maraschinos cover with his back to me so I started brushing the line of his back, which was so fluffy it had a dent all the way along and all the hair was hard and dried from the rain so instead of the brush I just started rubbing it like a horse would groom him, he loved it - for the first time I found his itchy spot!! He let me groom him this way nearly all the way up his neck to his head, certainly under his mane and along his very cresty neck! By his shoulders even. After about 10 minutes I suppose he calmly walked away. I made a big difference - can you see where all the loose hair has come away and the darker colour is coming through?

Maraschino was really good at just standing with the rope over his back - sometimes it would fall on the ground and he would stand on it (with one back foot and one front foot) and snort at it before figuring out how to back off it.

He looked very lovely after his makeover. We had to do a bit of approach and retreat with the mane spray bottle today too when I wanted to spray the forelock and top of his mane.

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Twinnie said...

Great progress with Coco - well done! I'm looking forward to seeing his summer coat!! Made me laugh about flossing Garbo's teeth- Merlot is into that too....