Sunday, October 18, 2009

Windy ride

I know I know you are sick of hearing about our spring winds but they are damned annoying. And I have a video to show you!

Maybe no one reads this so I am talking to cyberspace so it doesn't matter. Tell you what - if you read this - make a comment, then I will know how many people do read my raves. LOL. Just say hi.

OK - so - George was at work and my aunty and uncle were arriving about three so I made some gingernuts for my brother, mopped the bathroom floor, and went out to see the boys.

Everyone came into the washbay to say hi and it was really sweet - Garbo kept giving the others the evils everytime they came near me (this is MY human).. and then the look on his face after the moved with me smooching him was classic. I gave him a big brush and Maraschino a little one.

It was really funny Maraschino stood in the wash bay at liberty so I took his cover off, and left Garbo's brush up on his rear end (Garbo's) - this is what happened next...

Did Garbos feet (trimmer comes tomorrow thank goodness) and then saddled Garbo up - he seemed pretty chilled even though it was gale force bloody winds but I was desperate for a ride - even just a quick one. My OH doesn't like me to ride when he (or someone else) is not home just in case something happens...yes he has seen many injuries during my normal days... lots of bruises and hematomas (sp?), a broken arm and a cut open forehead.

But I thought - well my uncle and aunty are due soon... lol. Naughty me.

I took Garbo out to the hay shed paddock and over to the float. I used the end of my hackamore rope to get him to sideways towards me - worked pretty well... heehee... and got on. All he was interested in was eating grass, but that was fine - it was nice just being on.

This is us on the pedastal.

We had about a half hour ride in between snacks and pedastal turns.... also we would go back and forth, approach and retreat back to Maraschino - who was REALLY good - yay. I might even go out tomorrow.

Here's a video showing the wind - even though this was in the not so windy moment! Fancy me riding in the wind!

And then going on to the pedastal...


Cilla said...

wow that really is windy Vicki!! i used to not like riding when its windy but have also got over it.
i love to see views from G's back. makes a change from the view from Lizzie's lol x

Natalie said...

I read it!!!

Connima said...

hah i laugh at your wind. I am so over/in the mud. LOL