Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Been catchin up

I have not done any online or freestyle stuff all month (so far). First it was raining, then the paddocks were all wet (again) and then I needed to spend the first few fine days catching up on other stuff that comes with owning land... spraying weeds, planting trees, sowing grass seed, topping up the yards - etc.

But I always spend dinner time with them and we catch up.

I see them all day too usually which is a bonus.
I can go and say hi when ever I want.

I got a warrant of fitness on my float today, and my Jeep serviced, and washed the float too - so we are all set.

I was busy planting trees on Sunday and Garbo was standing not far from me watching (I was feeding them weeds in between) - in Coco's yard, and I stuck the spade in and a rabbit ran out - gave me heart failure, and ran straight into the yard Garbo was in.

I thought it would spook him but he looked down as if to say 'what was that' and then followed it to see where it had gone. It hid behind Maraschino's bucket.

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Twinnie said...

Look so cute but we are plagued with them....