Saturday, October 10, 2009

Coco had a brush today!

Garbo doing his little dance on the clay pile - telling Maraschino to get lost.

Yep - I was grooming the others and he lined himself up for some tail detangler, and then some tail brushing... so I got the rubber curry comb and started on his back as I knew that was his itchy spot from the other day. You know what he did? He moved back and forth for me to itch more extensively and he did the whole 'oh yeah just there' look...

I then started up round his neck, and then his shoulders, then under his neck, then the bottom of his neck, then his front legs (wow) and right up his neck to his ears and he just turned his head towards me - touched my hand and let me curry comb his cheeks.


So after all that - about 20 minutes of brushing while the other two stood very patiently waiting, he looked kind of less scruffy - ways to go yet though. You can see where some of his winter hair has come out.

OMG I swear Maraschino has got bigger in the last two weeks!!

Garbo came running up when he saw me

but then stood behind the gate because he didn't want to go in the mud I think... then he started yawning - finally I went and got him. He enjoyed a good scrub with the curry comb too... still so much loose hair.


Cilla said...

Marvekous Vicki! He really has changed his ideas about you x

Twinnie said...

Vicki you should be so proud of yourself - WELL DONE!! That is amazing he has shown you his 'itchy spots' - just shows that you should 'hurry up and go slowly'!
I just love the pics - Garbo is such a show off - I have to agree Maraschino looks as if he has shot up...good luck!