Monday, October 19, 2009

Sunny day and a ride out

Well I had coffee planned with a friend after the boys had had their feet trimmed but it was fine and sunny and not windy so I thought - too good not to go out for a ride - - so we did. (Moved the coffee to tomorrow).

The trims went well - she is not as good as Jools but you know - better than not having them dome (Jools is touring for the month).

I hooked up the float before the trimmer came and packed my saddle and new hackamore, CS and 22ft.

Garbo hesitated a little when he loaded, sniffed the floor for a few minutes, and the dividers and then got on, and then backed out again, so I asked again and he hesitated for a minute and then got on.

Off we set - it's about a 20 minute drive - but it's a nice drive. I left Maraschino and Coco eating.

We got there and unloaded and although could not see any horses he only took about 2 minutes to settle down and I gave him a hay cube.

Off we went after saddling to the arena and did a bit of ground work.

Well next thing these two skinny horses who were obviously in the arena paddock to eat the long grass, wandered in to the arena to say hello.

I had to defend Garbo's space - he was cresting his neck and showing off and trying to say hello - but really he calmed down alot when I shoo'ed them away. Hmmmm... so I continued to shoo them each time they cam near us - they were bloody nosey that's for sure. Garbo wouldn't have cared less what someone in the arena was doing if he was in a paddock with that much grass.

I managed to finally get Garbo to go over a pole on a circle )at trot too) without stopping at the pole and looking at me> once during L&HB Dvds there was an idea to make a transition at a pole, which we tried and then I gave him a treat. Every single time since then Garbo has stopped at the pole and looked at me, and if that doesn't work he straddles it.

Initially I was a little worried that I would not be able to ride but I decided I could shoo them away with the hackamore rope, and I got on.

Considering Garbo could have been so distracted, he was so good. I thought he would just head off to talk to the horses but he was listening to me and we didn't have to argue about it. If they came over I twirled the rope and they backed off. Garbo seemed to really appreciate that and he got on with what I was asking.

I did quite a lot of walk, changes of direction with direct and indirect rein, and we did some nice trot in straight lines too - not much... just a couple of lengths and a couple of widths of the arena. We went over the low caveletti a few times too - I mean probably 20!

Then my friend arrived with her horse and I was almost done but she asked if I could stay a bit while she rode her young one so I got back on and we walked around with Scribble for about 20 minutes I suppose, over the cavaletti again, touching the tall jump stands etc.

I have a video even. (I know it sounds windy but it really wasn't).

After a while I got off and Garbo didn't even worry when we headed to the float and Scribble headed to the barn, and he loaded just fine after an apple.

Off we set - it was 3.30pm and we left home at 1.05pm. So I guess I rode for about an hour and a bit.

I am quite tired now - going to make spaghetti for tea and watch The Mentalist - my favourite show at the moment.

Oh yes - Maraschino apparently called out a few times but nothing serious and no running around.

It was nice to get out, nice to ride, and nice to have a horse that trusted my leadership under all the circumstances he did today. There were also horses going to and from, calling out, and dogs running through the long grass at the end of the arena. No bucks today at trot either - we even did half a circle - then he went into canter so I transitioned to walk.

Oh - the other thing we did was try the concentrated reins again. Yesterday all he did was back up at 100 miles an hour! Today was better.

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Cilla said...

Nice post Vicki. your savvy is really coming along now isnt it. great to see the vid and a happy gatrbo. excellent day out for you two then x