Saturday, October 17, 2009

Windy walk

I usually do the horsey stuff in the afternoon, but today thunderstorms were predicted for the afternoon so I decided to do something in the morning instead, that way I wouldn't feel disappointed about the weather later in the day.

I got Garbo in and the others followed of course, it was really hot so I took both Garbo and Maraschino's rain covers off temporarily.

Look how tall Maraschino is (I am 5ft6) - I have my hand on his wither....

Then I groomed Garbo and did his feet (trimmer due on Monday and man are they due).... and then took him and the others out to the driveway taped off area - still lots of grass out there plus a pile of topsoil from the house excavation which is still there but now has weeds on it.

Garbo wanted to show me he had not forgotten the pedastal on the way past, and then 'look I can just have my back feet on here too and eat grass at the same time'!

We went out the gate with just the 12ft and CS. Maraschino looked calm so we set off up the road, still in sight.

We got quite a way but not out of sight and the neighbour had just finished mowing his lawns so he came out to have a chat.

So while we chatted Garbo grazed the side edges and it was quite good as it meant we were there for about 30 minutes and Maraschino got sick of looking out for us after a while.

At the start Garbo was a bit on edge as it was quite windy and the other neighbour's palm trees were flapping around etc - but he relaxed after a few minutes after he realised I was just still chatting.

After that we set off up the road a bit further - where it goes down hill again and out of sight of our place.

We only spent 5 minutes looking at the sheep and Stanley's horses and off we went back to Maraschino - (see photo below - if you click on it you will see Maraschino being a giraffe) we got all the way back, and I was going to take Garbo in and saddle him up but then realised no one was home so it would have been kind of silly (if anything had happened) - it was blowing a gale by this stage and I have not ridden him or done any online for over a month.

So sanity prevailed.

Off we went back up the road again from zone 3 and then 5, and out of sight for about 10 minutes, and back again - and Maraschino was just eating...

We were out walking and chatting for 45 minutes!

Then I fed them and came inside and now it's raining. So - glad I decided to do that.

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