Sunday, September 27, 2009

Idle Hooves

It's been raining for a lot of the week and really windy - typical early spring weather except about 4 weeks late!

The poor horses basically spent most of the week heads down in the rain looking miserable so I took the rain covers off this afternoon to give then a good groom.

Garbo was being his own smoochy self, telling the others to bugger off and sniffing my ear telling me secrets. So I think he missed me. lol.

At one point though he leaned round and nipped ever so slowly my sleeve (careful not to get skin), it was so slow and calculated I decided he must be bored out of his tree. We couldn't do anything in the paddock as it was a bit wet again, so I backed him, online, into the space made by the open gate in the washbay.

As you can see from his aeroplane ears he was a bit skeptical of my judgement but he managed it at phase 1/2. (that's the 'look' and a very slight wiggle of my finger)... I gave him a big bunch of long grass picked form over the yard fence. I asked once more online then put the rope over his head and asked at liberty but with no carrot stick - still aiming for phase 1/2.

He didn't go all the way in but he got most of the way so I gave him another bunch of grass. I want to get where Cilla and Liz are with this and have him offer it at liberty. It's always been a bit of a sticking point for him (with tight spaces in Zone 5).

I groomed Maraschino too he was loving it. Coco came in for the whole time. the little monkeys, while I was haltering Garbo the two of them had found my bag of apples in the wash bay and were proceeding to try and eat them through the plastic bag.

Coco needs a blimmen good brush but I have only managed his hiney so far and his back legs. He was licking me again yesterday while I groomed Garbo. I try and kiss him on the nose loudly every day just to keep him ok with noises and close ups.

Maraschino below showing off his newly brushed mane in the wind....

Garbo being bossy telling the others to leave us alone in peace.

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Twinnie said...

Don't your 3 boys look handsome - that is the softest look I've seen in Coco's eye....well done!!