Saturday, September 5, 2009

Another beautiful day today, I put the boys up by the gate for a bit of grass while I did some spraying and then I haltered Maraschino first. Garbo came over and told me he wanted to be first but I explained to him that I needed to do some stuff with Maraschino first so that I could take him for a walk up the road. So - Garbo went off to eat grass. I had to protect Maraschino from him with the rope. We started with Touch it but there wasn't alot to touch so we went to the pedatsal, interestingly enough Coco followed us and gazed on from afar.

I asked him to step onto the pedastal and it took about 15 minutes I guess, nose neck, maybe the feet, then wait. Only asking again when he was not trying.
He let out a huge breath and then took a step on.

He took his foot off again but I waited and then asked him again and he put both feet on but funnily enough not really with any weight.

Check out Coco.

Then we just did some sending up the little hill and back up (along with our Shadow).

Then we stopped. He shook his head after I took the halter off.

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