Thursday, September 3, 2009

Maraschino's turn

Then I decided to put Maraschino online in the hope that would give him something to think about for tomorrows seperation session. Also the paddocks are dry enough in most areas now to have a play. Finally!

We did some very slow Level one patterns - touch which he was a bit apprehensive about, and then figure eight at walk on the 12ft. He was pretty good at that. I worked on balancing my drive and my draw all day today after listening to the teleseminar!!

Gosh you hardly need any send at all with him.

Then we did circle and he managed 4 half circles each way (and came in behind me each time). He's so hard to send away again with those big brown worried eyes.

Working on slowing things down with him and waiting waiting waiting.

I am getting the Do's and Don't of each horsenality from the Savvy Times laminated and enlarged for my tack room wall!

1 comment:

Twinnie said...

Oh, soooo savvy with all that waiting - he is a lucky boy to have you as a partner.....

Know just what you mean about hard to send away! He is such a sweetheart.