Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Gee Gee Dentist

My Horse's dentist has a number plate GGTEEF. Amanda came round and had earlier suggested I use Kava Kalm on Garbo before his session. Last time he kept trying to get the rasps out of his mouth and going backwards.

So I bought some Kava Kalm as it's all natural. Kava extract - The well known muscle relaxing and mild sedating properties of Kava make this product ideal as an aid to training the nervous or easily excited horse. The natural chemicals found in Kava have been clinically proven to relieve tension and anxiety in humans.

So - not having used it before I was not sure what to expect - and it's not like he's excitable anyway. But I think it made him a bit less anxious. We got the job done anyway.

This is Amanda before she started on Garbo - he was a bit unsure of all her tools so I let him smell them all. I think the gag smelled like a mare!

He didn't need alot doing and he didn't back up as much this time. Without the gag he stood still for the rasping (thanks to my carrot stick prep) so I think I need to put the carrot stick in further next time - as it was the high up teeth he was not sure about having the tools near.

Just before Amanda arrived Maraschino was standing in Garbo's yard grinding on his teeth again - so I took a short video so I could show Amanda.

She asked me I wanted her to take a look. I said yes, and she had a look and saw that two molars had come through and the caps were just sitting on top - and that it was most likely imbalanced. So - she asked if he had had a bridle on (as the gag fits like a bridle and is quite heavy. I said no but that was ok. I stuck some molasses on the metal part of the gag and soon enough he was trying to lick it so opened his mouth enough for her to sit the two plates on his upper and lower teeth.

She opened it one click both sides and then closed it straight away. Once he got used to the clicking sound and the jerk that accompanied it he kind of got that sleepy look in his eyes. I checked his respiration and other body language signs but he looked relaxed so I told her to continue. A few more goes and she had the gag open and both caps off!

She took the gag off and then he stood completely calmly while she rasped his teeth - how cool is that!! We asked Garbo if he was taking notes but he couldn't care less he said.

These are the caps....

And see the hook on this one - no wonder he was trying to get rid of it!!


Cilla said...

Wow! Excellent photos and vids. M must have been v uncomfortable. Amanda seems like a great dentist.

Twinnie said...

Wow those cap things are HUGE!!!! Good on you for all the prep - Maraschino wasn't going intro when he got that 'sleepy' look was he...I think Merlot goes 'sleepy' when he is bored or stressed but he is opposite horsenality so I don't know....

They just look so calm!!!