Monday, September 7, 2009

Spring day at Waimarie

It was another beautiful clear spring day and I think I got a bit sunburnt!

I played with Maraschino before we left (and I was good and picked out his feet) and he managed a whole circle so I asked him in (at walk) and then I just backed him up and waited. He doesn't like being out on the end of the line, always wants to come in. Just like Garbo was. Spent more time playing friendly with the carrot stick and string and walking along slapping the ground with it. Unlike Garbo at the beginning, Maraschino doesn't take his eyes off me.

We only had one big reaction to the send today, and it was more subdued than yesterday.

We did some touch it too - the tire, the jump stands, the log, and today he had confidence to touch things, so I was hoping that I had read the situation correctly yesterday, in that he had lost some confidence over winter due to the fact we had not done alot on line, and this was transferring over ot him being worried when left behind.

So I tied Garbo at the float just out of sight, but Maraschino came to the fence. I walked away from Garbo and he sensed something was up and started bucking on the spot (he does that when he's unconfident and tied). I went back and untied him and put the rope on his back and let him eat grass.

Then I went to put the buckets out for Maraschino and Coco.

Walked away with them eating happily.

Garbo loaded like an angel with me outside to the side of the ramp and off we went. I tried to look back but my mirrors were so dirty I couldn't see anything!

Twenty minutes later we parked at Waimarie and unloaded. I left the barrier up for a bit while I took the poos off, and Garbo was just eating hay. I undid the barrier and he backed off nice and slowly. There were no other horses around and his head went up a little.

Michelle arrived and went to get Scribble. Scribble used to graze here so they know each other, and Scribble is a LBE and he calls out alot - being the social thing he is. Garbo called back which was sweet. I went into the arena with the 22ft and we got to work doing travelling circles. Garbo was really funny he stopped at every pole, straddled it and said "would you like me to go sideways over this"? I said not at the moment thank you - carry on.

He was not in a state to ride and I had already said to myself what Cilla said a week or so ago - warm up strong to ride soft - or something along those lines.... so I was quite prepared not to ride if he didn't get calmer. No one else probably would have picked it but his head was just a little high and he was looking out on the circle.

We tried sideways along the long side (which is about 100ft long) and he spotted some mares and said "look at me I am very handsome when I do this" and showed off! Down the other long side I asked for trot sideways and got it although his HQ was lagging a bit but that was a first!!

He was offering so much (touching all the cones along the side of the arena - even the sprinklers)... I got the 45ft for a brief play - still feels quite clumsy and uncomfortable using it... but we managed to get some touch it on about 35 ft I guess and then sideways at about 30ft, and I kept my feet still - after about 35ft he looked at me driving him and said "say what!!!"... and stopped. LOL

Tried some circles and we even did a change of direction or two. Then Garbo decided to circle round me while I was trying to coil it in, and proceeded to wrap me up with it and then stand in all the coils on the ground. Hmmmm... thanks Garbo.

Got the 22ft back again and played a bit more then I stuck the 12ft on and hopped on. He stood still which was good. We didn't do alot - just some lateral flexion, then some walking with transitions, follow the rail, figure 8's, and back up through poles, backed up over poles, then my friend got on her horse - she has just started him and jumped on with a bareback pad and halter. He was so good - following us around doing the patterns. Garbo was really good about it too (as he was quite close).

I asked Michelle if he would be ok if we trotted (she has decided just to walk him for a bit), and she just stopped him and watched.
We did some indirect rein turns and I practised the turning the HQ (only) with phase one or less like on the end of the L2 DVD, and that was great, then we did some sideways. I rode at walk into the corner, direct rein turn and we trotted down the long side with a transition -and no bucks - yay. I did it one more time, and no bucks. Then I got off. So good considering he's been ridden once all winter!

He had a warm shower there and then we left to load. Scribble started calling out and Garbo got a bit worried again. He didn't load straight away from the ramp so I decided rather than make him more worried I would walk him on, he stayed on and ate his carrots and I got off carefully and did the barriers up.

Off we went home. Got home to see Maraschino in the middle paddock - he looked up and walked over to us.

Apparently he had called out quite a bit but no bucking and jumping so YAY.
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Twinnie said...

Fantastic!! well done for making such progress and recognising when he wasn't quite ready to ride....

Great about the floating - sounds as if it has given you a lot of confidence...