Monday, September 14, 2009

23 degrees

It got to 23.3 degrees today at our place at lunch time - lovely.

First I played with Maraschino while Garbo did some lawn mowing. Soon after that George got the real mower out! As he appeared from behind the barn Maraschino jumped, towards me, as we were having a wait/think moment.

He is so funny he tries very hard to sit in my lap. He always wants to come in very very close.
He hates getting things wrong, hates being corrected. Over-reacts completely.

We did some more weave - good on near side not so good on far side. I can get him to go round the cone (drive away) fairly straight but when I draw him in he turns and comes straight to me instead of carrying on straight.

Did some more Figure 8 - think he has that now. At walk on 12ft. I use the 22ft when I play with him as I need it for the circling but the rest of the time I use 12ft but try and increase slowly.

Good news is today he was sniffing each cone. Seemed alot braver today. Did driving with CS from Zone 3 - on both sides today - definitely harder from the far side. Otherwise I think he did pretty well.

Then it was Garbo's turn - I was going to ride but it was nearly dusk (and dinner time). So we just played online - did some weave and I spent today asking for slower, asking for less. Then he kind of volunteered the weave which was nice. And then Fig 8 - oh but then he chewed on the spools and tried to put his hoof on them.... then he dragged me to the tire - he really wants to get up there again but I didn't have any carrots on me so I thought - best save that.

Did a bit of circling on the 22ft - he offered canter - amazing - from stand still.

Time for the 45ft a bit more I think - I am still so clunky with it.

Then I took the rope off and we tried weave close range at liberty - he wandered off a couple of times (mostly whe we were heading away from the barn) but - he came back each time - so cute... and we continued till we got it twice both directions. Yay.

The it was dinner time for all.

Coco has a dreadlock between his ears - can you see it.

Oh yeah dentist was postponed from last week - now it's Wednesday - guess what time...
Two Thirty (tooth hurty)

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Cilla said...

Groan, terrible joke! I am jealous that you are going into spring while autumn is here for us in England.
Get that 45' line out!