Thursday, September 3, 2009

Seperation practice

The boys were very tired this morning.... Coco had just gotten up when I took this - he was flat out too.

Sun is due all weekend and Monday so I have planned to take Garbo to Waimarie on Monday so yesterday I started taking him away from the two boys as well as doing some stuff with Garbo. The trouble is that when I don't do it every day (and leave him in the herd all day and night) then I kind of have to start over a little.

So I gave Maraschino some food and took Garbo up to the gate, via the pedastal. I had chopped up some carrots and as soon as he stood on the pedastal I gave him a piece. Then we headed off up the road past the cows in the next paddock - he looked over the gate to say hi. They are only young and were a bit nervous. The goat that keeps coming to our place was in with them too (he had got out of his pen) and I spent some time trotting Garbo to the fence to scare the goats!! LOL. That was fun!

I practised drive Garbo away sideways from the 22ft while he was walking (for weave) and he was ok actually... we did a little sideways to the pedastal too and two steps of trot! That's a first for me.
Took him back to see Maraschino once - he called out a couple of times between mouthfuls of food! Then he was ok.

Today we went up the road again but not for long, back to see Maraschino again.... he took a few minutes to calm down after his RB buck, twist spin episode. Then he was fine.

We went to go out the gate again and Garbo went behind it (it was open) so I took that as a no thanks and we shut the gate instead and headed back.

I couldn't get Garbo off the pedastal today - he kept pawing the wood each time I asked him off. So funny - I was just laughing so much.

And Jane - recognise this pose... he kept looking away for a treat.

The boys on our return.... man it was chilly in that wind today.

Garbo's sister Critey is coming over for a play tomorrow. They may have a photo shoot together for a horse calendar so we are having a practice run. I'll take photos!

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Twinnie said...

Sounds like you had a great day!! And yes I do recognise that pose - Cam is doing it SO frequently now - she turns her head but keeps an eye on me - so funny.