Sunday, August 23, 2015

Saturday. Rest day.

It's rest day for Dixie and I, so it called for the fly mask since there are a lot of flies and the spray doesn't seem to be cutting it for her.

I had a mini sleep in till 6.30am and headed out to feed her after a shower. My lip is blistered which is a bit of a pain, I need to find some zinc today.

Fed Dixie, cleaned her stall, filled up her water and said goodbye to Deirdra who is heading back home with Pixie today. So there's only a few of us left. You can see Playboy next to Dixie, and Kari's horse Handsome, the palomino in the background too. The paint is leaving today too I think. Mandy was heading off on a 20 hour journey to Montana !!

Few errands today, a bit of work catch up and just some relax time before I head back this evening to take Dixie for a walk/graze and feeding plus clean out her pen again

Think I'll wait till it's a bit cooler...not sure when that will be!

My apartment is nice and cool with the windows open today though - they have flyscreens so I can open all of them up and get a lovely cool breeze. I'm going to try not to use the air conditioning anymore because between that and the dry mountain air here, and the dust from the arenas, my nose is drying up inside.

Location:Parelli Ranch, Pagosa Colorado

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