Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Day 2 Level 4+ Riding

So this morning we were working on posture, and our legs only - well lower half. In the past I've been told to put my heels down, toes in, point my knee down to the ground, wrap my thighs around, etc etc. well today I figured out how to wrap my thighs! And not only that it also is the best way to bring your lower leg back under you.

Instead of pushing your lower leg back, you pull it with your glutes and behind the thigh. In time with the walk either side, and then both when you rise to the trot. It's amazing how it also makes your knee lower.

So there were three things we were working on. If the horse was taken from under you - would you still be standing n the ground or would you lose balance and fall over. Pulling your lower leg back behind the horse and under your hip. This action actually opens up the hip flexor. It's very very cool!

And lastly engaging your core and tucking your tail. I think there will be some sore muscles tomorrow!

Ryan also did a demo for us with Rembrant (so adorable) on warming up for responsiveness and connection. And that's it.

After that we all trail rode to Pats barn arena. It's about 2kms I guess. It's actually a nice ride for the horses before and after our arena work.

Then Ryan talked about posture again and reminded us about legs. We practised at walk and I of course practised it all the way back on the trail ride, then all the way back to the arena after lunch, then all the way back to the the pens again.

Ryan did a demo of riding forward to warm up on Zen, then Rembrandt.

Juli took some photos of me and I can see my legs look in a better position already.

Pretty pleased considering this is day one of doing this.

See the small white coverall. The pens are beyond that.

YouTube Video

YouTube Video

All in all a great day. Tomorrow we are starting ride the line. Yay.

After dinner I met Kari at the Hot Springs. I can walk there, and I did. And we soaked in a pool that was 103 for about an hour. No sore muscles for us two! :-)

Location:Parelli Ranch Colorado.

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