Friday, August 28, 2015

Level 4+ Riding - Day 4

I can't believe we've only got one week left after tomorrow. It's gone so fast. Today was really great, we rode early at 9am in the big top for an hour and worked on freely forward warming up and soft touch and ride the line. I'm working on my lower legs staying still. Mostly. Lol.

After that we all traveled to Head office to Skype with Dr Jenny Susser and talk about learning, how we learn best, how we improve, setting goals, achieving goals and all that really interesting stuff!! She said we need to make a mistake to learn. And then we need to focus on what we are doing correctly. She's very cool. Ady , Anna-Marie and Kari trusted my driving skills enough for me to car pool them down there. Lol.

After lunch we had a liberty demo from Ryan and Mocha who is just beautiful. He reminded me of Maraschino so much.

Then the whole class except Kari and I went into town for the big launch of the new savvy club format. Ryan wasn't going either so we had an informal lesson with him and just us two which was super cool. We rode in the coverall during the thunderstorm and then the sun came out so Kari and I went for a trail ride around the ranch. Super cool day.

Location:Parelli Ranch Pagosa Colorado.

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