Saturday, August 29, 2015

Last day of First week.

So much happened today. We started in the lodge talking about yesterday's highlights. Then we did some seat builder simulations and talked about upper body posture.

We simulated floating our ribs up and it's a great feeling. I tried it while riding and it lengthens your spine. We did all sorts of simulations today on seeing how uneven or crooked we were naturally.

Linda rode over and came and spoke to each one of us this morning while we were saddling up. While she was talking to the others I mounted and was talking to Rachel, one of her riders. She's from Australia and really nice.

Then Linda rode over and myself and Kari headed off to the honeycomb where we were meeting Ryan, right behind Linda and Rachel. Linda came to the honeycomb too and started riding inside it. I started riding around the outside. It was cool to see her ride Highland. Then she headed back.

We worked on riding downhill to see what it's like to ride the hind end up.
At one point Dixie cantered back up the hill. Lol.

After lunch we did some more seat builder and reins simulations and then rode in the big arena. I'm feeling a bit frustrated that I don't see much VP. Visual progress. Feels different. Just I look at a photo and my legs are still heels up and toe out. I feel like I have a nice contact and I see a picture and its loose or uneven or my arms are out wide. Jeez!

A nice trail ride back again this afternoon.

Location:Parelli Ranch.

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