Thursday, August 20, 2015

Day 3 Level 3 Freestyle

Team building today with having to move planks of wood under our feet as a team. Team NZ won in the way up the path, team USA won on the way back. Lol.

We got moving after this video!! That's me in the pink top and jeans.
Ps it's not a video. Someone posted it and I couldn't download it, so it's a snapshot.

So - riding this morning we did first without carrot sticks with follow the rail at trot, indirect rein to direct rein turn 180 + 180 to change direction and go back the other way. I'm starting to get the feel of Dixie's trot now. She can get a bit rushed. But she's super good with stop and go on the lightest phase.

After lunch we introduced the carrot stick and it's phases. So all afternoon we rode (most of us) without using our reins. Indirect rein turns, direct rein turns, and stopping on the rail by turning towards it. Then we did bow tie patterns to get leads changes (with reins).

One of the instructors said I was kicking, but I wasn't so I suspect in the turns my heels are coming up a bit again. My heels don't even touch her as she's short lol.

Here's a video of some carrot stick riding at walk. She has the bridle on still. But reins were clipped to saddle.

YouTube Video

4 hours of riding today. We did lots of backing up too.

Had to go buy some more sunscreen.

See the white coverall arena. I rode from where I am in this photo to beyond there, where the pens are, today by ourselves. Big goal. Done!

Dixie is happy. We're allowed to give as much hay as we want now. In 2011 they got one or two biscuits twice a day. Much happier about that.


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