Saturday, August 22, 2015

Last day Level 3 Freestyle at the Parelli Ranch

Friday already. Gosh how time flies. Some of the class are leaving today and some staying for the next two weeks. It's been a great group.

So the morning warmup consisted of us and the other course in a "don't drop the ball" volleyball type thing in a circle - fastest to 30 passes without dropping the ball. Think we won one of them out of three.

We revised what we did yesterday and then looked at the cloverleaf and question box pattern. I've never really been able to ride the cloverleaf very consistently because most arenas I got to have lots of jumps set up in them. We learnt why we do each pattern. I think Maraschino will like both. Maybe Garbo too actually. Maybe not the cloverleaf lol.

I've never done question box but I really like it now.

Anyway out we went to try it out.

First we started with question box and we ended up trotting happily around the playground which was nice.

Then we had a rest on the bridge. And some water!
I've discovered Dixie loves to jump and get up on things.

We did the cloverleaf in the round corral. So we did it 8 times, each way!!
At trot. Lol. Phew that's a work out. No reins apart from corrections. We didn't need many which was great. This was us waiting our turn chilling out.

Oh and guess who came to see us. Linda and Hot Jazz.

I was over by the jumps when I saw her ride up by Pats playground (below) with her team and Highland. She came and said hi and asked how we were enjoying the course. We had a group photo but I don't have it yet. I'll post it once I do. Hot Jazz is beautiful. Much bigger in real life.

Weekend off apart from caring for Dixie. I need to do some cooking and I have a DVD to watch that I brought with me.

Location:Pagosa Colorado, USA

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