Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Day 1 Level 4+ Riding

Ryan is very cool. We like his way of instructing a lot. Today we had a pretty cruisy day for the sake of the horses. Some were new and needed to settle.

We were working on balance simulations, then tried it out in the saddle. Like leaning more in one stirrup, leaning in the turn etc. just to see what the horse did. In the morning after some theory where we learnt about goals for your horses and you, we rode for an hour or two practising indirect and direct rein responsiveness. Getting the effort of phase four with phase one or less. We did sideways too.
So think sideways is phase 1/2.
By phase 1 she should be going sideways well.

Talked a lot about responsiveness and posture, as well as what we want the end picture to look like. Have a picture to have a plan. Get a feel.

After our afternoon class Kari and Ann-Marie and I went the long way back to the pens for a teeny trail ride. It was a nice relaxing day but with lots of information. Ryan said we're going to be riding a lot so this was a nice day for the horses.

No thunderstorm today so I had coconut icecream for dessert to cool me down. Still hot.

Location:Parelli Ranch Pagosa

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