Monday, August 6, 2007

More rain

Guess what - it rained again today. You know - I can't remember a rain free day for a couple of months (maybe one!). We have had 300+mm of rain in the last month.

Anyway - today we went to Royal Oak again and practised our Circle Game Transitions a bit more - also did a couple of Seven Games with an obstacle. The arena was so wet that my rope sucked up all the water and sand and it got really heavy!

So then we did some pushing passenger lesson - and I went out in the arena - that's a first for me with the rope halter and one rope. As it was the PPL Garbo was allowed to go where he wanted (to a degree - he wanted to step off the side of the arena and look at himself in the mirror!) so we ended up wandering all over the property. Lots of fun and great confidence builder. He was really chilled. He got a wee fright when Reggie decided to gallop across his paddock - but it wasn't too bad.

As Stephanie says in her book "Move Closer, Stay Longer" - lets start counting the spooks - see if we can get to 100. So that's - 1.

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