Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Today at Jool's

Critey has been having a mini-break at our place for a couple of days before she heads off to Bronwyn's place for good - finally Bronwyn was able to buy Critey! Yay!

We decided that when Critey left we would go somewhere for a ride and then both of us go to our own places so that he didn't call out for her for hours like he did last time she visited. It worked really well - they were both really settled once at their respective homes. He loaded well both ways too - even with the added stress of him wondering if Critey was coming too.

The ride at Jools was just fab - considering we haven't ridden there since the New Year, and only been to the forest once. He showed me he could even do Change of Direction today too (properly) and transitions down with the carrot stick were marginally better too.

It was really hot but I didn't notice once we were doing stuff.... he went into canter really well with me putting my rail arm back under my bum to get the right lead, and cantering with my other hand. My canter position felt really secure today too.

His back up was finger light - his sideways a bit sticky but we can work on that.


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