Wednesday, February 24, 2010


Well I had set Friday as the day for filming our online audition for L3, but it's been so hot it's hard to get any good work from Garbo (and myself).

We went to Jools today and I set up the arena with some of her barrels and a pole and some markers for the weave.

We had some trouble with the weave - he kept thinking I was asking for circle. He also had trouble jumping the barrels on the circle with me in neutral, but could jump it if we were playing stick to me (run with me in fact).... from about 20ft..

We got some nice sideways.... at trot to... better one way than the other...

Garbo checking out the mower.

I came home and was watching the patterns DVD again - and with the sound off like Linda suggests (on subsequent viewings), the circle pattern Level 3, Pat is playing with Casper on the 22ft (surprisingly).... and oh my gosh - that is so much like Garbo. If you watch without the sound you see how much effort Pat has to make to keep Casper out on the circle.... and at one point Pat rubs his nose (his own) and Casper comes in - that's how acutely aware Garbo is. Any reason to come in.

I also notice Pat uses the shaking of the rope to transition Casper down (not the carrot stick) which Garbo has problems understanding (the carrot stick in front means slow down).... he can do it at walk fine....

Oh well off to watch for muted DVDs.

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