Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Ride and Saddle Fitting

Under the willow having lunch together.

After a quick burn in the Falco down to Whitianga for breakfast I took Garbo to Jool's place for a ride.

We played on the ground a bit as Critey didn't come because Bronwyn's leg is worse and she is on crutches! So he was a bit tense, but that didn't take long to sort out.

I have been thinking alot about how he was in the forest and I read a question in the Savvy Club Vault about it as well - it said to keep your horse busy like sideways or back up (for a mile if need be) and to only ride with Parelli understanding people. I think what I did today was what I need to be able to do in the saddle as well.

Anyway - I got on and he was not very motivated so we didn't do alot - and I got off again - his saddle is a bit tight and Abbie is coming tomorrow to fix - and it was really hot too!

We are going back on Sunday.

Next day Abbi came and she was awesome - she was so pleased to be taking the extra wool out of the front of the saddle finally and she couldn't believe how much bigger he was at the front end. I had not seen her since starting Parelli.

She complimented me on the work I had been doing with him, which she said was obviously doing him only good, and also on riding without contact - saying that many 'good' riders cannot do that - they just don't have the balance - and she wishes more of them would because then she wouldn't have to try and fix up horses/saddles that can't really be fixed (due to the way the rider rides).

So - she was really pleased with the outcome and it will be interesting to see how we go on Sunday...

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Twinnie said...

That is great Vicki to be going out again (by yourself) - well done! Awesome about Abbi's comments too - and how nice of you to put her logo on your blog...